Creating the process

We will be creating several small projects to fine tune the process, which is a combination of ‘Spirit of Business’ dream-work by Tjoni Johansen, ‘Dragon Dreaming Project Management’ by John Croft, (introduced to me by Katherine Cunningham of Living Gently) and various other tools and influences including the conscious business book ‘Myth to Reality’, and some of Seth Godin’s marketing magic.

Digital Shop

First up I am developing a digital gift shop including e-books and  e-cards which will soon be available on a shop on this site. This will be expanding into online courses and interactive video e-cards. See some upcoming products that we are working on below.

in-Spiral Outloud

in-Spiral Outloud e-books will be available based on the series of podcasts I’ve produced as interviews with friends. These intend to look at various areas of our society, how they are currently controlled, manipulated and broken, in order to catalyse a fresh vision of how those elements could be in a life affirming sovereign nation. If you are interested please follow the link below for a discussion about ‘The Great Work’ and who is really pulling the strings globally. Fascinating stuff!

Medicine tales E-books

Tjoni has been writing stories and myths for many years now, and will be creating e-books and e-cards from them. Please see some links to her stories below.

Eye of the beholder

Magic of the land

Wings of change

Digital Art from Melissa Pym

Melissa is a fne artist, sclpture and jewellry creatrix with a zest for fantastical creatures such as dragons and faeries, and nature inspired works also. Some of her works will be available as digital downloads shortly. And she will also be collaborating with Tjoni on some gift cards, her imagery complimented by Tjoni’s knack for words.

Then What?

These projects are exploring and fine tuning what and how we can co-create together. Once we have a blueprint in order it will be much easier to collaborate in future, and ensure all contributors are rewarded for their time, energy, skills and networks.

Get involved!

Investments of time, expertise, finances, content, IT, marketing, ideas, technical skills, real estate, and anything else that can help get this running more efficiently would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to be involved in any way please get in touch with Tjoni via the contact form below!