Creative Bootcamp – Workshop Testimonials


One Week Circus intensive & performance @ Swifts Creek P12 School, Nov 2016

One of the great things for our year 8s has been that circus is all about communication cooperation and collaboration, compared to a lot of the activities they do which is all about competition and that’s been really good for the year 8s to work on their teamwork skills to work on their communication with each other and to bond as a group.
As an English teacher as well I can just see how their work together will impact their learning in the classroom in a really positive manner. It’s been an awesome week and we’re looking forward to doing much more circus in the future.
– Sarah Carr, Year 8 co-ordinator
“I’m looking forward to being able to show off how awesome we are!”
“Making two new friends and learning flips and new tricks was my favourite bit. “
“This week my most memorable thing is learning a front flip, it’s been a really cool experience and I’m really grateful for Tjoni and Luth coming up and teaching us how to do all these cool tricks.”
“My favourite thing about this week has been all of it to be honest; I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and everybody else watching us as well.”
– Year 8 students @ Swifts Creek P12 School

Creative Movement Workshops @ Sokil Recreation Centre, November 2015

Acrobalance at Aus Camp
Acrobalance at Aus Camp

I have had the pleasure of working with Tjoni through my role of an Outdoor Educator and as and Outdoors Program Manager at a number of different camps – be it a surf camp or a full blown expedition trip.

I first met Tjoni after she was contacted by Auscamp to run and facilitate a movement awareness program that ran in 1.5 hour sessions over 5 days to accommodate 16 groups of year 9 boys. This Camps program is expedition based, but contains a personal development component to allow students to reflect and relax for half of one day. Here, Tjoni has been employed to run this particular program over 6 years and the feedback from the schools staff and the students has been most positive.

Tjoni’s demeanour and ability to engage the boys in these classes is amazing. At first the boys are rather self-conscious, but as the session unfolds each boy becomes involved in developing their own contribution to the session. Tjoni works to create a non-competitive environment. The structure of the sessions allows the clients to try a range of activities that include balance, self-expression, spatial awareness and simple circus based movements.

The culmination of each days’ work shops is the after dark fire show. Here Tjoni gathers the groups who worked with her that day to watch her working with fire twirling. She explains the method, the safety processes involved and how this demonstration links in the activities that the groups have experienced in her day sessions. I find the “finale” is always well taken by the groups as the realise what it takes to be able to do this – and that they, with practise can also aspire to participate in this discipline.

I thoroughly recommend Tjoni to any group who would like to try a different approach to the outdoors. She is most accommodating to any group at any venue.

– Steve “Bewsy” Bewsy, Go X-Stream Outdoors Pty Ltd


Creative Movement Workshops @ Sokil Recreation Centre, November 2014

Acrobalance at Aus Camp
Acrobalance at Aus Camp

To observe Tjoni Johansen while she is teaching is indeed a privilege. She is a skillful master who not only owns her own craft, but has the ability to impart that knowledge to students in an efficient, engaging and creative manner.

Tjoni always takes time to bring connection and grounding into a group situation; she demonstrates her craft with both technical and verbal clarity; and she has a devoted hands-on approach with each and every individual.

Tjoni is also an incredibly creative visionary who uses innovative exercises and devices to elicit critical and imaginative thinking, an understanding of non-verbal communication and trust, and new pathways of movement and physical presence.

And if that wasnt enough, she is also a teacher who is fun, approachable, easy-going, warm and personable, while still being able to hold the group in discipline when called to do so. Her classes and workshops are both challenging and enjoyable, which is evident from the feedback of participants as well as from witnessing their obvious joy and engagement during the sessions. After Tjoni has taught a session, everyone comes away with something, if not more… and that is by far the definition of a successful experience.

– Brigid Dolan, Curiosity Box Productions

Gypsy Dynamite fire show, facepainting and workshops @ Spring Fireworks Festival, Bright, Nov 2012

Circus skills at Spring Fireworks Festival
Circus skills at Spring Fireworks Festival

Having Eccentrix back to perform at our Spring Festival Fireworks Carnival was so exciting. Their fire and dance show has always been a crowd pleaser and this year was no different. The addition of the circus workshops to our carnival was an absolute hit. It was such a draw card for people planning to attend the night and then the participants on the night had such a great
time learning and joining in. Thank you so much for allowing the children to then be a part of your show with what they had just learnt. The buzz they got out of performing with you was amazing. Your show was so professionally run to enable the inclusion of the children and then to still seamlessly perform your fire routine within the same show. Thank you again Eccentrix!

Julianne from the Bright Fireworks Carnival”


Eccentrix workshops @ GETT centre, August 2012

Thanks so much for the wonderful workshops you delivered to our students last week. It was great to see you engage them so readily and encourage them to move beyond their usual levels of comfort to try some new things. You handled the group dynamics well while being sensitive to individual needs. The range of activities you held at your disposal with so little equipment is amazing and clearly gave you the flexibility to respond appropriately to each of the three groups. Don’t forget to be in touch with Natasha about our future involvement with your program.

Thanks again,
Rachael Fullerton, Teacher
GETT Centre, Gippstafe Academy, Traralgon