It was a time not too long past when the emperors of old would remove their gowns at the end of the day in the company of more than a few men and women. It was believed their powers of persuasion came from the awe that befell those around them at their raw nudity. Not that there was anything remarkable about them, but because there was nothing remarkable about them, and yet they still managed to wield so much power. It gave them a sense of belonging and a place of empowerment that they may not have known otherwise.

For anyone to let themselves be seen in their entirety is indeed a brave thing. For it leaves one vulnerable and able to be rejected. These days our nakedness of body is not nearly as shocking as our nakedness of spirit, for that is where our magic really lies.

Only sufferers and fools would think otherwise. The sufferers because to own that power would mean they would therefore be responsible for their own pain, and the fools because they were too happy running along with the other sheep to think to step up and be counted, or be even a little responsible for themselves.

For you to run around eating your own tail like a dog would be ludicrous indeed and yet many supposedly smart people do that every single day of their lives. Chasing dreams and ideals that never belonged to them in the first place, and trading their life in for work to pay for the dream they don’t own and indeed be indebted by that dream to the people who created them in the first place. And that is how slaves are made. Caught up in the striving for something they did not know they needed or wanted. How long before you all realise that those dreams are not yours, and what you want really is something far more superior, and far simpler. And that is to be connected. And loved. That’s all. You don’t need to trade your life in to pay for that.

And you don’t actually need to strive for that because the very act of you being alive is an act of love between mass and spirit. Life loves itself naturally and wholly. Only our conditioning makes us think or believe otherwise.

And your vulnerability now lies in your willingness to love your life as much as life loves you. Aah the great unrobing, becomes the great unmasking. But that is another story.


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