Tell me a story I said

What about she said

About … love, I said, no wait … what do you want the people to hear?

Aah she said as I perched myself on the sunlit sand to listen


Peel yourself open like the petals of a flower and let love in

She said


As layers of leathery shell peeled away from my face, shoulders and chest, leaving tender tendrils billowing gently in the sea breeze


Lose your protection; there is nothing here to fear

She said


My eyelids fell heavy as my other felt deep into the scrub and sand around me, sensing simple nourishment and life being itself


When you feel your heart racing, turn towards its’ driving pulse and let it rush through you like those roaring ocean waves

She said


When you feel your blood churning like the tidal seas, fall into its depth, allowing it to pound the stagnation out of your veins

She said


My eyelids fluttered open and my sight fell upon an elderly couple, young and joyously frolicking on the beach. Once upon a time they too would have been apprehensive


When you feel the ground tremble beneath your feet, your foundations surfing over an unsteady molten core, breathe and allow the tides of your heart to carry you home

She said


When you feel your fingers tremble and your body threatens to lose control, allow the fear of intimacy to fall up from your belly and through your lips in fits of joyous laughter

She said


My sight fell upon a beautiful dreadlocked man capturing his own thoughts along the beach. A little ripple of laughter escaped my throat


When the voice of that which wants to stay hidden whispers in your ear ‘run away!!’, turn gently to it and whisper back ‘you first’

She said


When the little black hole of self-worth pipes up and says ‘I’m not good enough’ hold it close and say ‘that’s ok I love you anyway’

She said


And when all of you is done trying to avoid entanglement with another, be still and know we are all one, and all our dear little human hearts are all playing the same fragile game of hide and seek.

She said


The sun fell heavy into the earth, sending a spray of blood across the darkening sky. I stood up from my listening place in the sand dunes and walked on, leaving a nest of old petals in my wake.



Written by Tjoni Johansen and Nonna at Brunswick Heads Beach


Copyright 2017 all rights reserved

Please feel free to share amongst your networks in full including the authors name and this website address.

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If you are interested in having Tjoni Johansen write a personal dreamscape or myth for your self or a project please get in touch.

Her email is info@eccentrix.com.au. Many thanks.


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