Tjoni Johansen

in-Spiral founder, Writer, Entertainer, Workshop facilitator, Producer

Creative producer, performing artist, costume maker, event organiser, writer, teacher, community generator, video editor, visionary, dreamer!!..

With a performing and fine arts background spanning more than 30 years, Eccentrix and inSpiral founder Tjoni Johansen has had an eclectic journey through creativity, psychology, business and community.


Ever since Tjoni could think she was creating, worlds, creatures, stories and scenarious and feeding them into stories, poems and songs. While this area has stayed in the background of her work, she is now putting more energy and focus into putting pen to paper. The visions she draws through are enriched by a deep exploration of shamanic dream scapes, archetypes, and the intricacies of the human psyche.

You can read some of her work here.


As a performer she has come to the forefront of her field in the past 10 years, focussing on Fire performance, African dance, tribal bellydance and physical theatre. Having worked with a number of companies including Cirque Mystique, FEET theatre, The Magic Theatre and Fireworks Dance Co, Tjoni has also produced many of her own 1-5 person acts for corporate functions, community festivals and other theatrical events around Australia.

You can see some of her work here Eccentrix


Creative Bootcamp is the public face of creative arts workshops from Tjoni and her networks. Her work as a teacher began as soon as she had mastered the art of fire. She has taught and developed workshops for school students, festivals, and the general public, for more than 6 years. Born out of a genuine desire to share her passion and skill with others, and to help students access their own inner teacher and creativity, Tjoni’s workshops are created on a foundation of respect, inclusivity, encouragement and, ultimately, joy.


Behind the scenes she is also at home with 20 years of experience in stage management, lighting and sound operation, makeup, production, direction, marketing and management, as well as 15 years running her own costume design business.

Social enterprise

Tjoni has been researching and working on ideas around intentional community, collaborative projects, community business ventures and a resource based economy, for about fifteen years. After relying on her own ideas for a long time, in the past couple of years she has drawn inspiration from Dragon Dreaming collaborative project management, Social Traders, The Venus Project, and is gradually gathering further resources and networks to bring in-Spiral to fruition.

Tjonis’ long term vision is to create an educational hub of creative arts, healing arts and sustainability, to tour regional areas, cater for local schools, and provide a platform for students to launch themselves into their dreams in a supportive, nurturing environment.

‘inSpiral’ is the next phase of evolution which brings together creative artists, wellness practitioners and sustainability workers in an Intentional Business Community. This is gathering momentum in the northern suburbs and will be launched into the community at the beginning of 2015. Stay tuned for more details!
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