Through The Cracks

Be not concerned with the stress of our time. You are well aware and well equippedthough you may not know it yet, to deal with stress in a way that transcends personal thought, surpasses self righteousness, and bends the needs of time and the universe to serve our purpose, ours alone.
You can try to define what it is that upsets you my pretty; by trying to put it all into little boxes so you can file away your ills in alphabetical order. Or, you can remove the walls that you use to contain yourself from the world and start to let some light in.
Ills with definition are just as powerful as ills without.
And when they are released from your system and move on or disintegrate, it doesn’t matter if you knew them by name, so long s you have changed.
I don’t know if you’ve heard the story about the egg yolk and the egg. You see, the egg yolk had fallen to the floor; the rest of it had been thrown way. It was helpless, unable to move. It was really quite dead, and yet it still had consciousness. It thought as it still knew the rest of the eggs were on the bench, if it was now less complete than the whole eggs, or if in fact, it had just as much right to be in existence for its own sake as the yolks which were still in their cages. A cat came, and licked it up off the floor; it became part of the cat. If it had remained in an egg it may have become part of a chicken, or part of a pie. In any case it served its purpose and whether or not it could define itself as separate from the rest did not affect
the fact that it had existed and done its duty.
The point being, you can spend a lot of time thinking and stressing about labels and identities and jobs and house and where and when we’ll do this and that. In the end though, it doesn’t really matter. Just turn up for your part and let the universe do the rest.
Your addiction lies in your inability to see beyond the boundaries of your own experience and beyond your safety net. You are still so hemmed in by what you see as real, and how you define yourself in this world, that as you grow, you are being stunted by the very thing that you think are nurturing and protecting you, keeping you intact. A chicken only remain within its shell until it is able to breath and eat on its own. Yet you are still in yours, a few cracks here and there, but you can barely see out of them, an you have constructed a picture on the inside of your shell based on the slices of image you see through the cracks … it is based only on your experience and let’s face it, you can’t do that much still stuck in that little oblong, once a form of protection now no more than a prison.
But you know, if takes such a minute effort, now you can see the cracks, to just tap your beak a little harder than you dare and that shell will fall from your body like stardust your damp feathers will dry, the light of the world will dazzle you with splendour and you will stretch out your great winds and soar high above the world, through the world, into the world, wherever and however you desire.
And one little aside for you my feathered friend; keep an eye out for other whose shells have been cracked, they are awakening and might just need a knock or two to help them on their way.
As for the perfect uncracked shells?
Do not disturb. They are peaceful in their own state of slumber, and will knock when it’s their time to do so.

Written by Tjoni Johansen


Copyright 2016 all rights reserved

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