The harmonica and the bee.

Bee was working quietly in a backyard one day, stirring trouble for no one but himself. He happened across a trousered leg in his travels. Though he didn’t know what it was. Bee thought it was a dead tree trunk or maybe an elephant. He scaled the great buttress higher and higher, and eventually was catapulted head over heels in the air by a great wind making an almighty noise. Never had he heard such a sound, or felt it so deep in his bee bones. When he found himself upright again, he bolted towards the noise that had upended him. The noise became louder, belching out like the craziest bagpipes he had ever heard. Only there were no bagpipes. Just a giant gridded metal beast attached to what he had thought was a tree. He inspected it closer, bracing himself for the wind tunnel that came with each screeching sound. He was besotted, and a little terrified.

A stutter began to emanate from his lips. Ex-cuse me shouted bee. But what are you saying with all that noise? The screeching continued, unaware of little bee. He called louder, getting closer to the noise so he could almost touch its hard exterior, tough and shinier that any beast he had seen. Excuse me!!! Screamed Bee. The noise stopped. The metal beast moved aside and a huge face appeared from behind it.

I beg your pardon sir? Said the saggy old face to the little bee. Did you say something?

Oh, yes said bee, I was just asking what you were saying with that thing making the noise.

Oh, I wasn’t saying anything. I was just letting my heart sing, for it was sad. Said the face.

But why are you sad? Bee tilted his head as he quizzed the saggy face.

Because no one in this town likes the sound of my harmonica, said the face holding up the metal beast.

Oh! But I like it very much!! Bee spun an excited somersault in the air as he spoke.

Aah!! Then I shall play a different tune. And as his breath expanded in his chest, and flew out of his mouth into the harmonica, a most rapturous tune emanated into the air. Bee was transfixed as the beautiful melodies floating around him, his wings flipping him over in excited little flips every so often. When the saggy face finished his tune, he smiled, as a tear fell gently from his eye.

Oh my, are you still sad?

No, not at all my little friend, I am happy for I can play so much better when someone is listening to my melody. Say would you like to go on an adventure? Asked the saggy face.

But of course, said Bee. Where shall we go?

Let’s just wander and see where to mystery takes us.

And with a harmonica to his mouth, and a music savvy bee buzzing at his side, the saggy face and the body that held it up wandered into the great unknowing that opens up when longing has turned to hop and loneliness has found a friend.


Written by Tjoni Johansen


Copyright 2016 all rights reserved

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