These items for sale are all from members and associates of in-Spiral Intentional Business Community.
Purchasing from this website helps nurture the creative and entrepreneurs involved, and aids in-Spiral to grow into a nurturing community of opportunity for everyone, in benefit to the planet.

Art Works  

Katia Honour

Katia lives as a nomadic ‘mystic without a monastery’ devoted to art as a bhakti & karma practice. She is the founder and benefactor of “Ecstatic Arts” non-profit social enterprise fostering conscious communities


Ngaire Johansen

I would consider myself a traditional artist in the sense that I seek to portray what the eye perceives rather than an impressionistic or expressionistic approach. Nevertheless, I have painted in a variety of styles over the years and would say I’ve finally settled into two areas of interest which consume me perennially– interpretive landscape and the human figure.


Costumes & Accessories

MysStitchery Banner01_mMystitchery’s

Mystitchery’s Handcrafted Costumes and Accessories is a collection of high quality treasures created by Tjoni and her talented friends.

Eternal Goddess

Stunning jewellry designs all individually blessed by their curator Kala Shekinah from her beautiful home of Bali. For Melbourne customers please contact Tjoni For online orders please go to Website

I heart Heidi Holland

Divine creations from artist, clothing designer and creatrix Heidi Holland. The embodiment of beauty, attire to inspire.


‘Busted’ is your one stop handmade bra shop. Handcrafted from scratch by Tjoni who has years in the industry as a costume creator for dancers, circus peeps, burlesque artists and showgirls. Specialising in fully constructed underwire bras, corsets, g-strings, hot pants and cat suits.

Hustle and Bustle

‘Hustle and Bustle’ is Tjoni’s side project. Upcycling skirts, belts and jewellry to create gorgeous one off bustles, from super sexy to playful pixie to just plain fun.

For information on any of these items and designers please contact Tjoni at