Scary Clowns take the stage @ Swifts Creek!

I love co-creating with students, beginning with a seed of an idea, helping it to grow, nourish it with skillls and tools, and feed it until it unfurls like a lilly… well maybe not a lilly, more like a scaful of scary clowns; well that’s the theme that was requested so that’s what we did!! At one of our earlier bootcamps at Swifts Creek P12 School in November last year.

Year 8s are fun. They have enough motor skills to do all the awesome technical things we teach, and enough playfulness to explore and create, and enough mind to bring their own ideas to the table.

I was glad to have the collaborative company of Luth Wolff from Solid State Circus. My background is mainly in fire manipulation, production, dance and theatre, so her awesome talents with tumbling, trampoline, acrobalance and more created a great balanced program. Learning front flips was one of the highlights for many students, as well as the opportunity to perform in front of their peers, “I’m looking forward to being able to show off how awesome we are!” was the comment from one young acrobat. Staff spinning was another favourite, as well as the opportunity to make some friends and deeper connections that weren’t obvious before.

By the end of our week together we had all managed to pull together a 15 minute show, and the students did an amazing job pulling off all their crazy antics and cool stunts to a receptive crowd of family, friends, staff and co-students.

Along with students and staff, Year 8 co-ordinator Sarah Carr who organised the program was thrilled with the result.

‘One of the great things for our year 8s has been that circus is all about communication cooperation and collaboration, compared to a lot of the activities they do which is all about competition. It’s been really good for the year 8s to work on their teamwork skills, communication with each other and to bond as a group. As an English teacher as well I can just see how their work together will impact their learning in the classroom in a really positive manner. It’s been an awesome week and we’re looking forward to doing much more circus in the future.’

Well, so are we! And we are super excited to be joining them again later in 2017 for another fabulous Circus Week.


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