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Popular in cultures all over the globe for thousands of years, the magical world of puppetry is vast and varied, limited only by imagination. Stories have woven their way through our lives for eons, in sharing news, myths, religious sagas, poetry and countless other forms of passing on information. The two working side by side are a powerful combination.

Externalising characters and stories through puppets can create a safe environment for students to explore and express sometimes challenging issues and experiences without the confrontation of other forms of performance art. With a carefully crafted balance of technical skill, collaborative play, performance and leadership opportunities, it also happens to be loads of fun!!

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Skills taught in the sessions include;

· Puppet making

· Puppet use

· Story writing

· Acting

· Ventriloquism (optional)

· Scriptwriting

· Creative movement

· Improvisation

· Performance skills


Package options include;

· Performance and discussion about life as a creative artist (1 session)

· Sock puppet making and puppetry workshop (1 session)

· Puppetry and storytelling workshop (1/2 day)

· Puppetry and group performance intensive  (full day)


Programs are available for ;

· Schools

· Community groups

· Events

· School camps

For details on each package please see the attached page of program options.

Suggested age group is grades 4 to 6, although the program can be altered to suit your students’ age group.



For further information please contact Tjoni Johansen on 0422 508 158 or email info@eccentrix.com.au

Download the brochure for this workshop here