Right now I am on a precipice; that is I, as in we, as in all of us, as in you.

On the precipice of stepping back into a world, one that has left me sideways always, and helpless often. Hoovered out of home after home by invasions of noise, toxins and deep vexations of spirit. Seeking refuge in driveways and car parks, nestling my van into trees at the end of dead end streets, seeking inconspicuousness in the shadows so I may find my rest for a few moments. Sheltering in converted garages and couches and back gardens and spare rooms and the dusty factory floor of my little sewing space.

All due to a world I do not know how to participate in, how to be productive in, how to gain traction in… and finally I know why my journey has unfolded as it should, and finally I see the blessings… finally…

Right now I am on a precipice; that is I, as in we, as in all of us, as in you.

And I’m on this cliff because this world is falling apart; there’s this sense that it’s fractured and cracked, and parts of the shell are falling away. But we don’t know what we’re moving into yet, and that can cause a sense of dissociation, of shock, of fear, of mistrust, because we’ve been brought up in a society where we’ve been told what to do. We’ve been encapsulated in this system of education and employment and authoritarianism where we’re told what to do and we’re penalised if we don’t do it right.

And although our spirits have been fighting that, on the other hand there’s been this false sense of security for so many years because we don’t really have to make any decisions. Not the big ones. We might choose what we want to study or what job we want to take or where we want to live, but they’re not real decisions. We’ve never before had to choose what sort of world we want to live in because until recently we haven’t had to question it. Because the world has been relatively predictable for years, for decades, for centuries, there’s been some level of predictability. And that has crumbled. And even if you can’t see it in front of your eyes you can feel it can’t you?

It’s like that distant rumble where you wonder was it a truck, or did we just have a small earthquake? And you don’t know, you can’t tell and you can’t see anything, you don’t know what’s going on, but you just feel that it’s not right. There’s that weird buzzing in the air and it’s such a high frequency that you can’t quite tell if you can actually hear it or if you’re just imagining it. It’s disorienting like that movie IT where there’s just this weird sound, almost like tearing paper. Nobody knew what it was, there were no monsters, nothing being sucked away, nothing exploding, just this weird sense that something wasn’t right. And this here right now is being sucked away into nothing. And I think deep down that that’s what a lot of us are feeling right now.

And it’s quite terrifying because, the psyche needs something to replace something that has gone. You can’t just fight against a system and dismantle it, because then people will have nothing, and people fear nothing more than the devil that they know. Change is one of the biggest fears for human beings, but only because for the most part we can’t imagine what’s on the other side.

But you know what? There are so many people that can see what’s on the other side. And I know there’s so many of you out there right now. That have been seeing a new world, that have been creating a new world, that have been saying ‘No this is all fucked up we can’t just reside in this blindness anymore.’ We can’t just pretend that this monster of a system is ok. Because it’s broken, it’s deeply flawed, and it works against the grain of true woman and man, of every creature on earth, of universal law. And it needs to go. But we have to create something to move towards.

You say to someone ‘don’t think of a pink elephant’ and what do they think of a pink elephant. You can’t fight the thing that you wish to remove because it will only create more of itself. If you don’t want someone to think of a pink elephant you need an alternative like ‘think of a purple rhinoceros’. And the universe works in the same way.

What are the messages we are sending out to the universe every day when we pummel our minds with the mindless violence and pillage and tragedy that is happening all over the world, or at least is being played out by mass media, who knows how much is true. And I’m NOT saying to turn a blind eye, and I’m NOT saying to give up, and I’m NOT saying to disregard the fact that there are people suffering unimaginably all over the world and they have been for eons; but when you are focusing your intent, you must focus it on what you are moving towards.

You must focus on what you are moving towards.

And when our senses are besieged by stories and images of the chaos, the carnage, the horrendousness of human natures’ shadow, you must see that as the shadow of us all which needs to be healed so we can create something new. And you MUST start creating now. If YOU don’t, OTHERS will who do not have your best interests at heart. Everybody will sink. And we don’t need to.

Right now I am on a precipice; that is I, as in we, as in all of us, as in you.

Because there is no sense of safety. We’re feeling the walls breaking, we’re feeling the paper thin glass beneath our feet cracking, we’re feeling how shallow this entire system is in which we reside. It’s like a paper town; it doesn’t really exist, and is created purely on fear. Unyet we’ve placed all our faith and our time and our investments and our resources into something that is a complete farce. And we’re finally realising it is a farce, it is a lie,

and also that our frailty is a lie

our weakness is a lie

our helplessness is a lie

our neediness is a lie

our fear is a lie

our vulnerability is a lie

There is no need to be afraid because fear simply creates things to be afraid of.

There is no need to protect yourself because that will only create something to protect yourself from.

The time is now.

To step up.

To step the fuck up.

Into the light. Into the highest that you can be. And you MUST let it shine.

You must let it shine.

We can’t be afraid of being seen anymore. For if we’re afraid of being seen, we continue to live in the shadows, and the shadows is where we have been dwelling for far too long. It is time to step the fuck up, step into the light, and be seen for goodness sake;

For the brilliant,

The beautiful,





Creatures that you all are.

And if you are afraid of this just remember that shadows cannot exist where the light shines. Shadows exist because light shines. In a dark room there are no shadows there is simply a lack of light. A shadow is an area where the light exists but is blocked. Remove the blockage and the light shines there once again.

And I know that you know this in your heart.

Even if your mind does not accept, yet, that you are powerful beyond measure. So many teachers have been trying to explain this for ages but you know what? While we’re in a space of safety and peace and calm and complacency nobody needs to step up. Nobody needs to fight, for freedom, for their power, so far. Yet these are tough times, and we haven’t even started yet. Our supermarket shelves are still stocked full, our streets are still relatively safe, I can go out in the rain and be washed by it not burnt by it, I’m still relatively unscathed and most of us in the western world are, but we can feel the shift and you need to feel the shift in order to get out of your comfort zone, step the fuck up, and create a world that you actually want to leave behind for future generations.

In my dream visioning I used to focus on ‘what I am working towards’, and I was forever lost because I didn’t’ want anything for myself, because there’s nothing in this world that actually feels like home. And I finally realised yesterday that the thing I need to be asking for and working towards is a world that I actually want to belong to. So when I get up in the morning, and I’m about to step into my power, as a change maker, and as a paradigm architect as a friend called me the other day, my question will not be ‘what do I want for myself’,  my question will not be ‘what fantastical business or home or event or whatever do I want to make today’, because those are just the stepping stones, they’re not the goals, they’re just the tiny little stepping stones; The goal is to make a world that we actually want to live in and leave behind.

And I ask of you, I beg of you, tune into the depths of your heart, and imagine waking up into a world that is perfect, perfect for you. I don’t imagine an ideologically world where everything is easy because humans are gloriously complicated and our challenges bring many gifts, but we don’t have to suffer like we have been, nor inflict suffering on others. And we don’t have to live in fear.

And what would that feel like for you? If you knew that all your basic needs were met, if your safety was secure, if you always had a place to live, if you knew there would always be food in your belly, if you always had a shoulder to call home, and if everyone on the planet had those needs met too; how would that feel for you, and what could you create if resources were no barrier to generating your dreams?

Mine feels pretty extraordinary. I hope to meet you there someday for a cup of tea.

With love, Tjoni x

PS: It recently came to my awareness that the greatest purpose in life is to become a good ancestor, one of clear heart and clear mind, who can offer pure unconditional love to the living. Imagine the peace we will all feel as ancestors as the next generations thrive in a world we have helped to create.

PPS: To all the courageous people out there on the frontiers of human experience who are bright beyond measure, I see you, I honour you, and I thank you for helping to pave the way forward for us all. And to all the courageous people that are taking those tentative first steps, thanks for reading mine, and let’s do this together. Peace.


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