Power vs Empowerment

Imagine if humanity evolves to the point we can dissolve all systems of trade; that everything we need we have access to, that people generate and contribute to the whole because they’re inspired to – then money and wealth loses it’s power. Personal ownership of wealth only has value as long as we are in a cycle and mindset of scarcity.

So if through our collective agreement power is shifted away from what we own, and into who we are and what we do, then perhaps the greed that comes with scarcity can only dissipate too… and then perhaps power, or rather empowerment, derives from how much people can create and generate for the common good. I’m going to ride with that 🙂 what say you?

This and much more will be up for discussion during Tjoni Johansen’s inSpiral presentation from 11.40am to 12.20pm at the Living Future Festival! Come and see hi!12622351_668874239882904_8153216407507672551_o

Festival details;

Sunday 21st February 11am to 3pm

At Yarraville Gardens, Cnr Somerville Rd / Hyde St, Yarraville, Vic.

Facebook event ; www.facebook.com/events/954181014675082/



Written by Tjoni Johansen

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