Mystitchery’s Handcrafted Costumes and Accessories is a collection of high quality treasures created by Tjoni, which includes a few different styles and markets.

Costumes are for sale, and made to order.


‘Busted’ is your one stop handmade bra shop. Handcrafted from scratch by Tjoni who has years in the industry as a costume creator for dancers, circus peeps, burlesque artists and showgirls. Specialising in fully constructed underwire bras, corsets, g-strings, hot pants and cat suits.



Tjoni has worked on various projects with other companies including Silvers Circus, Cirque Mystique and Fireworks Dance Co. The biggest projects were with Dion and Randall Productions who create incredibly elaborate shows around the globe. Here are pictures from a few I had the pleasure of working on.


‘Tjoni’s costumes are lovingly handcrafted and of the highest quality. They withstood countless nights of hard wearing and never lost their shape – especially the bras. Tjoni has an amazing eye for body shape and size too: each costume was tailor-made and always fitted me perfectly. Highly recommended!’

You can find items for sale on the etsy shop here

Flame Fatale

Tjoni has been making fire costumes for nearly ten years. As a fire performer herself attention to austhetics, functionality and safety are all paramount.

Due to several tragic incidents in the fire industry she recently wrote an article about fire safety and costuming which you can read here.

She makes fire costumes to order.

‘Hustle and Bustle’

‘Hustle and Bustle’ is Tjoni’s side project. Upcycling skirts, belts and jewellry to create gorgeous one off bustles, from super sexy to playful pixie to just plain fun.

You can find items for sale on the etsy shop here

For any enquiries on existing stock, custom orders and collaborations please contact Tjoni on 0422 508 158, or

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