Melody Moon

Singer, songwriter, yoga teacher, children’s entertainer

Coming from a background of dance, yoga and music, Melody brings the elements of individual expression and traditional practices together, giving participants a space to be empowered in their own bodies and get their true spirit moving 🙂

Melody MoonMelody is a professional singer, qualified yoga instructor and dance teacher, who has a passion for self-expression and healing.

From experience in ballet and broadway to teaching yoga on beaches and singing around Aus, Melody’s desire that we each ‘find our own truth’ has lead her to entwine structure and freedom; the inward and outward; yin and yang- to create a wholesome and soul-satisfying experience that can be integrated into everyday life.



Mel Yoga dance pic

Her classes encourage inner reflection and the use of personal affirmation and intention to empower and guide your own practice. They provide a space for self-healing and tuning into your innate ‘knowing’. With music that lifts your soul and gets things moving- be open to transformation and appreciating who you are right now!

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