Magic of the land

I had a dream.

A long dream.

A tiring dream.

When I awoke, I felt like I had been praying for days, which was strange as I am not religious. But I awoke and was taken by the space between the trees, the way the light shone and darted amongst the shadows, the majesty of spaces that played between the things of this earth. I hadn’t noticed this before and thought some magic had befallen my mind.

I asked a local clerk if he had seen the shift in the air, but he just looked at me sideways like I was crazy.

And I asked a blackfella if he had noticed the shift in the air, and he smiled listlessly and took a puff of his cigarette and kept playing his guitar.

And I asked the parishioner if he noticed the shift in the air and he asked if it was the same air that I breathe. Why yes it must be said I.

And he asked me if the air in my lungs felt any different now. And as I pondered that I realized my lungs were huge like balloons, and radiant, and as I laughed yes the air that fell from my mouth had a gossamer sheen to it.

Image by Katia Honour
Artist; Katia Honour

And the parishioner asked if I was lonely and I asked him why that was important. For if you are not lonely then it will matter not if anyone else sees the new air as you do. And I said if there was loneliness it would only be if no one else could see it.

And he asked me why such beauty could lead me to demise when really it could bring pleasure. And I thought that maybe I deserved not to experience this gift all on my own; that it’s real value was in being shared.

And the parishioner asked if the air would ne less valuable if no one else saw its beautiful new colour. And I replied no, but that I would feel less valuable if no one else saw it.

And at that I took a mirror and held it up to my face and saw the colours dancing in the ether. And I held the mirror up to the parishioner and his eyes welled with tears as he saw the lights dancing about his face. And I took the mirror to the blackfella and before I could reach him I saw a spray of colour emanating from his guitar as he plucked the strings and as he looked up and smiled at me colours glistened between his teeth and in my reflection in his eyes. And as I neared the clerk I saw he was stamping his foot in a puddle and giggling in delight as he saw his distorted reflection dancing in a sea of rainbows. And as I looked further afield I saw people everywhere in joy with lights in their eyes and smiles on their heart as they awoke to the magic.

And I realized that when you see a truth of such beauty that you cannot let it go, eventually it will take hold of your surroundings and fall into the experience of all those around you. And your greatest privilege is to keep seeing gossamer rainbows until they become reflected in the hearts and minds of others.

And trust all will be well.

All is well.


Written by Tjoni Johansen

In collaboration with the spirits of the land


Copyright 2016 all rights reserved

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