Greetings and welcome to us!

Please meet some of the inspired and inspiring creatives in the in-Spiral realm, many of whom are part of the Creative Bootcamp program in Victoria.

Montessa_Fire_Show_Medieval_03Tjoni Johansen Founder of in-Spiral, Eccentrix and Creative Bootcamp.

Creative director, facilitator , performer, community generator, choreographer, costume maker, writer.


MariusMarius Johansen Founder Marius Johansen Musical Services

Musician, composer, actor, stage technician


KCKatherine Cunningham Founder of Living Gently

Creative producer, facilitator, menstrual educator, writer


Belly Dance at Tribal Fest 2011Briohny May Founder of Tribal Mantle

Performer, workshop facilitator


Melody MoonMelody Moon Founder Melody Moon music and Fairy Melody entertainer

Musician, singer songwriter, children’s entertainer, workshop facilitator


Performer PhotoAnna Thomson Founder of New Heights Circus

Performer, workshop facilitator


Hello-Satellites-by-Lucy-Spartalis-Web-Ready-62-200x300Eva Popov Founder Hello Satellites and Voice Movement Connection

Performer, workshop facilitator


Halls-Gap-800x438Ngaire Johansen

Visual artist and educator

Visually stunning paintings that verge on the surreal

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