Movie and documentary trailers


A journey, to the Andes, deep into the subconscious

Waking Life – an interesting journey through ideas about consciousness and reality.

Powder – this blew me away when I saw it 20 years ago, still one of my all time faves.

Tomorrowland – comes across as a kids flick and box office wasn’t grand but I loved this movie, some great ideas and the ending was super!

Frequencies – found this by accident, about how the ‘frequency’ of each individual affects their reality, and each other.

Cloud Atlas – just astounding, had me by the heart the whole way through. Love love love it.

The Hunger Games – Jennifer Lawrence, say no more. First saw her in Winters bone many years ago, and all the hollywood hype hasn’t shaken the depth in her work. Lots of action, I actually preferred Part 1, but this was pretty great.

Matrix – can’t offer a top 20 without this gem. One of the first moves that gave me hope that someone else out there was making sense of this world.

Aeon Flux – Super control world and its rebels, Charleze Theron is amazing. Another breaking free of the chains kinda movie, done well.

Black Snake Moan – dark, sensual, and breaking a bunch of rules that makes you wonder if they should be broken or not. Intriguing and Samuel L Jackson is rad as always.

Stardust – one of my favourite Robert De Niro characters ever, enchanting, super cute, funny, and the nice guy wins yay!

The Dark Horse – Very rarely I see a movie and i realise I haven’t had a single thought the whole time as I’ve been thoroughly absorbed in the story, and this is one of those rare few. Some of the most incredible performances I’ve seen.

Whale rider – Just gorgeous, belonging, duty, tradition, and all that comes with it. A beautiful story of courage and strength.

Strings – achingly beautiful, a whole movie created with puppets, and with a stunning relationship to the puppetry itself.

Winter’s Tale – timeless, magical, stunning.

A knight’s tale – just for fun, really real fun, Heath Ledger was a super star and he’s just wonderful in this. All the actors are.

Thrive – one of those super charged ways to make the earth a better place. A bit glossy but lovely ideas and ideals, and practical ways to make it  happen.

Peaceful Warrior – after reading the book had to delve into the movie. Great fable.

The Shadow Effect – Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra. Working through and bringing to light the parts of self we repress in order to be nourished rather than hindered by them. Fascinating.

The Fisher King – One of Robyn Williams stand out performances, and Jeff Bridges was amazing too. A journey into the depths of struggle and wonder that reside in the minds post trauma. Heart warming, and breaking, and funny and all the things.