Creative Bootcamp at Betwixt and Between

Hidden deep in the beautiful hinterland of the Northern Rivers, the Betwixt and Between festival unfolded like wings earlier this month. Sprung forth from the amazing vision of local creatrix Jaqueline Sirriani, it was a magical melting pot of colour, creativity and community.

Workshops in upcycled craft, roleplaying, facepainting and much more kept the children delighted. Stunning market stalls bearing handcrafted magical creations and a stage gently ebbing with a flow of musical treats laid a beautiful foundation for the mingling crowd. While food stalls and chai nurtured hungry bellies and people gathered around an open fire to warm their hands and hearts.

A goblin feast of Saturday night was a step back in time in a lavish setting as performers opened their hearts, faeries served plate after plate of festive offerings, and guests cheerfully nourished their bodies with culinary treats and shared jovial tales with their neighbours. All this was held in a stunningly decorated rustic hall in Wadeville, complete with toadstools and candles and flowers and all the things to make one feel at home.

The weekend was awash with faerie wings, facepaint, lavish costume creations and swirls of magic; and that was just the participants! But most of all there were smiles, many many smiles, and many many cuddles.

Personally I enjoyed bringing The Amazing Desmerelda’s mad hat antics to the festival, and Miso loved the magical kiddies on Saturday. There were many fortunes to be told, but to be honest I think the kids were more interested in my oracle fruit lollies in the present than their awesome futures. So then the facepaints came out and my ‘office’ was probably the most relaxed and enjoyable to date! It was a choose your own adventure and the kids were playful enough to instruct me on their designs from Picachoo (Spelling?) to mermaids, superheroes and even… fairies.

On Sunday it was time for me to bring on Creative Bootcamp. We pulled out the craftings for puppet workshops, and wow do these gorgeous kids love to create!! We had superheroes and rockstars and unicorns and mermaids and all sorts of colourful creations. Using socks, feathers, beads, fun fur and chenille sticks, the little artists got super crafty and had an awesome new buddy to take home!!

Guests were so thrilled to be in a space where the parents could relax into their own experience, knowing their children were safe on their own adventures. And the focus on wellness and creativity offered such a supportive space for this to occur in a wonderful community environment.

I’m looking forward to the next stage of this lovely festival!! Hope to see you there too!


If you would like The Amazing Desmerelda or a Creative Bootcamp at your event, please get in touch with Tjoni Johansen on 0422 508 158 or

For more information or involvement in future Betwixt and Between events please send a message via the the facebook page.


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