Creative Bootcamp – About


Why do we bootcamp?


Creative Bootcamp was conceived in an effort to bring wellness, connection and community back to people’s lives through the arts.

I grew up in an environment where the kitchen, garden and sewing room were where play happened, where making things required for living was part of our curious adventure through youth. Where creative expression was the medicine of my troubled soul, and my constant companion. By the age of five I was cooking some meals for the family, writing poetry and making my own toys. By the age of seven I was starting to make my own clothes and build cubby houses out of bamboo. I played piano, my friends and I wrote long stories about rock stars (we were their girlfriends of course!)

My sewing skills and creative eye led me to start a costume design business in my twenties that I ran for a decade in Melbourne.

I decided I needed more interaction then so I set myself up as a performing artist at the tender age of thirty three. I created solo and troupe shows, with fire, acrobalance, African dance, bellydance, comedy, slapstick, interactive improvised storytelling, poetry, all weaving a rich tapestry of experience through peoples lives. I had no mentors, just my inspiration to guide me. And I thank my childhood for giving me the resourcefullness and self trust to be able to do that.

So now I see in the wider world many of the skills of actually living have been replaced by external products and services, that many people’s lives consist of working, and occupying time ie filling it with entertainment. I am sometimes alarmed to realise just how many people in my world can’t cook a proper wholesome meal, grow their own herbs or vegies, or sew a simple button or hem on a shirt. Not because of lack of talent; they’ve just never questioned it as everything iss provided for.

While some people may find this a luxury of the 21st Century, I find it incredibly disempowering to be so separate from the art of living. Don’t get me wrong I do still love my tech; the fact I can communicate so easily with the world, find information in a second, watch awesome docos and movies with ease is just amazing. But without it I am ok. Some are not.

In the past ten years I have noticed the drastic effect technology has made to the physical, emmotional and mental wellbeing of people, especially the younger ones who have now grown up in front of smart screens. Their body and spatial awareness, strength and flexibility has plumeted in many areas. Depth perception and the idea of consequence seems to evade more and more young drivers. People are often too busy connecting to the world on their phone to see the person next to them or the sunset playing out over their heads. The disconnection is happening on so many levels, and I find it terrifying, and sad, for those that have no memory of a time before smart tech.

So that is why I am here. That is why Creative Bootcamp exists. It is my little way of showing people just how amazing they can be when given some tools, a safe space to explore, encouragement and non judgement. I hope participants see the long term value and rich satisfaction in connecting with themselves and each other and creating something new and expressive, rather than being passive consumers all the time. It is my dream to run Creative Bootcamps all over the country and the world. To help our future elders become heart centred leaders, community generators, mindful members of the global community, and deeply connected custodians of the earth upon which we dwell.



To foster empowerment and wellness of self, community, and our earth through creativity.

Generate an inspiring supportive inclusive environment where people from all ages, shapes, abilities and cultural backgrounds can learn, explore and create together.



  • Engage community involvement and support
  • Create collaborative performance
  • Create a safe and sustainable wellness focused environment
  • Build a beautiful, inspiring invitation to come play and create
  • Deliver an inclusive program of high quality diverse skill sets