Consciousness of addiction

All medicine becomes a slave driver when it is taken unconsciously.

Sugar, alcohol, plants, tobacco – in their honoured tribal state they are medicine, in the hands of greedy speedy consumers their unconscious devouring brings monsters striving for more. We dance together you and I. We dance together. If you take me in by ignore my spirit I will gnaw at yours until you are less than whole. I will eat you out completely.

People one ingested us to be with spirit, now they drink and consume to get on with the rest if their lives. This is the tragedy, this is the mistake .The same goes for all food. Be with it Be still with it. For its own sake, Food is what you are, be with it wholly for what is happening when you consume is magical. Tea Chai seller on the street, Varanasi Benares IndiaYou are putting your future body into your mouth, merging with external beings and allowing them to merge with e you into your mouth, merging with you. This is extraordinary. An incredible process. Be with it completely.

Are you seeing the sacridity of food? That wondrous creation that is gifted to you day by day? Be with it, wholly, commune with it. Food is a prayer. Being conscious of the spirit and energy you are bringing into your being is one the most powerful forms of gratitude you will ever offer the universe. Be with it. Food is future you. What will it look like? Treat it with the respect it deserves and it will serve you. Ignore it and it will sit heavy in your system. This is blessing.

Myrmicaria_brunneaAs for sugar, you know how this works. It bypasses your energetic system, goes straight to the adrenals. If you were to talk to it, it would sound like static. It moves fast, as it too is unconscious. This is where it is separate from coffee, tobacco, the sugar has no consciousness. If is like a blind parasite eating at you. It is blind and it is deaf. It has no insight into you and what you are doing.

Monk_sneaking_a_drinkAs for alcohol, this is variable. Some alcohol has been derived out of deep spirit, hence the name. It can be used as a cleaner for the stomach. Killing bacteria. And yet again, if treated with blindness, it will leave you scouting in the shadows. It brings some people to balance, and for others it throws them off. The medicine for one is poison for another. Only the mind and body being fully aware and present can make the differentiation.

A bird can jump off a cliff and it will give him easy flight. A cow can try the same but its path will be markedly different. It will most likely end up as food for the bird, and its entire flock! If it is conscious it will understand that it is built differently from a bird and will know it’s better off on solid ground. Unless it is consciously gifting its cadaver to the birds which is a different level of agreement altogether.

What is your body asking for – really asking for? If you allow it to talk? Not craving out of addiction – needing for sustenance and growth.


Written by Tjoni Johansen


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