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Creative Bootcamp Summer Holiday Program 2015

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All workshops will be held at the Lakes Entrance Youth and Recreation Centre – see Details page for… umm… details 😉

Intro Playspace!!!

with the Bootcamp Crew

Workshop_Montage_1crop.DAll Ages

Mon, 28 Dec 2015 12.30 – 2:30 PM


This is your chance to pop in and experience a range of sample 15 minute classes, from dance to circus to games. Come and meet some of the bootcamp crew, and get a feel for the space and facilitators before you get intensive with your play time!!! It’s free some come check it out and say hi!!


African dance with Tjoni

01African_Dance_Dancing_Ground_FestivalFor Kids (max 30)

5 x 1hr workshops, casual 


African dance mimics everyday life, taking movements from animals, elements, people and stories. After some warm up games we’ll learn some fun traditional movements and then make up our own dance!!

Afro funk dance with Tjoni 

1149026_568467739927227_1903908472_nTeens and adults (max 30)

4 x 1hr workshops, casual


African dance mimics everyday life, shares stories, brings abundance; it’s a moving prayer, a celebration and confirmation of life. While honouring the traditional beats, stories and moves from Africa, enter your own journey of song, rhythm and dance in a joyful, supportive environment.

Suitable for a moderate fitness level, all levels of experience.

ATS Bellydance Intensive with Briohny

Belly Dance at Tribal Fest 2011Teens and adults (max 15)

3hr workshop


Join Briohny May for an in-depth introduction to American Tribal Style Bellydance. In three hours you will be taken through a brief history of the dance, technique breakdown, and a number of combinations and formations. Expect to learn a lot in a relatively small amount of time, including improvising the dance format with others.

***Shimmy Shake Special*** – Book in for the Shimmy Shake intensive which includes ATS Bellydance Intensive, Tribal Fusion Drills and Tribal Fusion Choreography. Value $130, Pay $90 for the package here!!

Beginner’s Juggling with Anna

jugglingKids, teens, adults (max 15)

2 x 1hr workshop, casual ok

Juggling is for everyone! Come learn the basics of 3 ball and scarf juggling, and also how to make an interesting sequence using just one object.

Always wanted to learn to juggle, but just never got around to it? This class is for you! Using balls and scarves we’ll look at the beginning of 3 ball juggling and some basic tricks, while also exploring how we can use one ball, scarf or object to create an interesting performance. Open to all ages and abilities

Circus and warm up games with Bootcamp crew

Workshop_circus_03Kids, teens and adults

Daily 30 min sessions, drop ins ok

Every morning join us for 30 minutes of warm up games to get you energised and in the mood for an awesome day of super creative fun!!

Circus Jam!!! with bootcamp crew


All ages

Daily jams, 1-2hrs, drop ins ok.

Join us for a circus jam every afternoon of the bootcamp for a couple of hours. Practise some of your new found skills, play with some equipment you’ve made, teach your buddies and share inspiration!! This is not a class session – it’s jam time!!

Creative movement and dance with Tjoni 


Separate classes for Kids, Teens and adults (max 30)

2 x 1hr workshops, casual


You are invited to celebrate the wisdom of our bodies, each other, and our ancestors through dance. Tune into your inner world, hear the counsel of your body, transmute and transcend that which no longer serves you and move into the next glorious stage of being.

We will generate our own movements through dream work, dance therapy and creative movement. This will include individual exercises; group and partner work, culminating in a dance we can create together. Explore your creativity on this spirited healing journey through rhythm and movement.

Elementals Poi and Staff spinning with Tjoni

10847747_10153430697241110_1793138325129124835_oSeparate classes for kids, teens and adults (max 15)

6 x 1hr kids workshops, 4 x 1hr teens / adults workshops, casual


Ever wanted to run away with the circus? Tjoni wanted to, but ended up creating her own adventure instead!! Come and learn some super cool moves with poi and staves, which are often used in fire spinning!

We’ll play with shapes and movement and create an awesome performance piece together!!

Classes will demonstrate the technique of spinning and manipulating staves and poi, with a focus on easy transitions and changes in direction. Note safe practise gear only will be used, fire is not used in class!!!

To see poi and staff in action please visit the Flow Arts Page

Elemental Flow Dance with Tjoni 


Teens and adults (max 15)

4 x 1 hr workshops, Sequential, casual ok


Requiring poi and staff classes or knowledge in these skills as a prerequisite – these classes will introduce dance choreography, combined with staff and poi. We’ll vote on the preferred dance style between bellydance, swing, bollywood or salsa.

To see poi and staff in action please visit the Flow Arts Page

Fairy Melody

Fairy Melody high res promo picKids 3-7 years

7 x 1 hour sessions


We’re happy to have Fairy Melody joining us for some of the circus jams to entertain the littlies while the big kids are busy juggling and spinning things!

Fairy Melody is a magical children’s entertainer who brings enchantment and delight wherever she goes. With singing and dancing, interactive story-telling, fantastical face-painting, balloon twisting and magic, she’ll fly over the rainbow and add some sparkle to your special event!

Free Form flow dance wth Tjoni

IMG_7204bed135Separate sessions for all ages, teens and adults (max 60)

3 x 2 hr teens/adults sessions, 2 x 2hr kids/teens/adults sessions, drop ins ok


This is a moving ‘time out’ for yourself, let your body and mind relax, let go of techniques and ‘must dos’ and unwind with a physical exploration of freeform movement to music. This is a facilitated space in that Tjoni will be inviting the group at times to focus on body / mind / space / music while allowing your own body to tell you how it wants to move, or not.

Some sessions will be all ages to allow parents and children to explore together, while others will be 14+ only to allow a deeper inward journey without distraction.

Moon Dancing Session with Katherine  


Teens and adults, Women only (max 30)

2hr workshop


Please join me on the dance floor for a women’s only descent into earth, whilst drawing down the moon!

Rare is the opportunity to sink into full gentle trance that is all about what can be found in the soft reflection of the moon in our own waters. This women only dance space is about feeling deeply what our womanhood can be when women are truly safe to be free.

Tribal fusion choreography with Briohny

Briohny-310Teens and Adults (max 15)

1hr workshop


Prerequisite: ATS intensive and Tribal Fusion Drills, or equivalent experience

Learn a short choreography that includes layering, travelling and some classic bellydance and tribal fusion elements.

This choreography is typical of Briohny May’s personal style and is a great example of what a tribal bellydancer can pull together from a range of bellydance influences, including cabaret, ATS, and tribal fusion (not to mention other dance forms!) There will be little talking, and much lead and follow, a great progression from the earlier tribal fusion drills class.

***Shimmy Shake Special*** – Book in for the Shimmy Shake intensive which includes ATS Bellydance Intensive, Tribal Fusion Drills and Tribal Fusion Choreography. Value $130, Pay $90 for the package here!!

Tribal fusion drills with Briohny


Teens and Adults (max 15)

2hr workshop


Two hours of delightful tribal bellydance drills, including lots of stretching and conditioning. Briohny May will take you through bellydance isolations of every part of the body and include tribal fusion stylisation and layering.

In this class we will work through fundamental bellydance movement and skills and how they relate to American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion. Expect lots of drilling to get your isolations nice and clean! Will include stretching, toning and isolation drills, as well as layering and travelling practices for the adventurous types. Class suits enthusiastic beginners through to more advanced belly and tribal dancers.

***Shimmy Shake Special*** – Book in for the Shimmy Shake intensive which includes ATS Bellydance Intensive, Tribal Fusion Drills and Tribal Fusion Choreography. Value $130, Pay $90 for the package here!!

Yoga cool down with Bootcamp Crew


Teens and Adults (max 60)

8 x 1hr sessions, drop in class

Every session will finish with a luscious cool down / stretch / free form dance / meditation session to ease out from a creative day into your evening. Some of these will be run by Melody see listing below.

Yoga-dance with Melody

Mel Yoga dance pic

Teens and Adults (max 60)

8 x 1hr sessions, drop in class

Entwining yoga and dance with soulful music, Melody brings the elements of individual expression and traditional practices together, in a self-empowering and inspiring class. Come with your own intention and be open to setting yourself free 🙂

 Physical Theatre and Acting

Acting intensive with Marius

Untitled pictureAdults (max 15)

4 x 3hr classes, (12hrs total) sequential class


Introducing various acting techniques including Stanislavski, Meisner, Chubbuck and Mamet.
Connecting with working partners and engaging with your audience.

You will learn how to affect other people in a meaningful way, how to be truthful to your characters and still be entertaining; acting techniques will certainly enhance your performances!

Character Comedy Intensive with Kimberley

charFB2Adults (max 30)

3 x 3hr classes (9 hr total), sequential.


Find your funny bone! Bring you own costume and through clowning, physicality and improvisation games you will create a character ready for the stage! A play focussed workshop where you will discover what makes YOU funny and how you can clown with a hilarious character!

Character development with Marius

3672794277_c1a12f8d3fFor adults (max 15)

3hr workshop


This is an introduction to Marius’ work, with light hearted games and exercises to warm up your creative juices and get into character. If you’re interested in the acting intensive but not sure if you want to make the 12 hour commitment, perhaps come to this session first and see if it rings your bell!! All the bells.

This is invaluable for budding actors, public speakers, dancers, comedians and all kinds of other live and studio performers. This class, along with Script Analysis & Script Writing, is a fundamanetal part of a 6 day acting exploration series. If you would like to explore your acting and characterisation potential, as well as learn some great cross-vocational skills, come along and get a taste of what happens behind the scenes of theatre, television and movies!

Clowning and impro with Ivan

headbalanceSeparate classes for kids , teens, adults (max 15)

6 x 2hr kids workshops, 4 x 2hr teens/adults workshops 


Students will learn techniques and play games to help them find the fun and the freedom to be alive and silly on stage.

Using the techniques and activities learned at the celebrated theatre/clown school “Ecole Philippe Gaulier” and the National Institute of Circus Arts, students will be guided through movement exercises and improvisation exercises, learn about rhythm and being sensitive to the audience. As well as freeing the students’ imaginations on stage, the aim will be to help the students devise some short clown numbers which can be fit into a longer performance.

Mask Play with Anna

Neutral masksSeparate workshops for For kids, teens, adults (max 15)

1 x 1hr session, Casual.

Free up and have some fun by approaching performance and play through mask work! We’ll be using white, neutral masks to explore how to use our bodies in new and different ways.

Script writing with Marius

theater-399964_640For adults (max 15)

3hr workshop, One off

Introduction to analysing scenes, scripts and stories, as well as the fundamentals of script writing and creating stories. This is invaluable for budding authors and playwrights as well as actors, public speakers, dancers, comedians and all kinds of other live and studio performers.

Story telling with Tjoni

The_Amazing_Desmerelda_Roving_Entertainment_02For kids (max 15)

4 x 1hr workshops, Casual 

A story teller lives n the bridge between the world of dream and the people who have come to listen. How do you play there without effort? How do you bring people into your story? Learn how to free up your body and imagination to embody character and narrator, and carry your audience on a journey with you.


Rock and Rhythm with Nick

20140418_143211Separate workshops for kids, teens, adults (max 15)

4 x 1.5 hr kids workshops, 4 x 1.5 hr teens / adults workshops, Casual 

Stick drum and percussion workshop

Nick, a multi instrumentalist, delivers a powerful Drumming experience that will awaken the drummer in you. With you nick explores modern rock drumming in a group situation and he will then slide you into the clave rhythms from south America. There is no experience needed to immerse yourself in the power and joy of group drumming workshop.

Exploring Creative Voice with Eva

About-feature-642x300Teens and Adults (max 15)

2x 2hr workshops, Casual 

Explore your relationship to your voice using a combination of physical, vocal, partner and group exercises. An meditative experience of the voice using movement, breath work, vocalising, toning in groups and partners. This workshop can incorporate simple singing but is more an exploration of the voice as a tool of emotional awareness, looking at the effects vocalising can have on the body and the being.

Group Singing for fun with Eva

evaSeparate sessions for kids, teens (max 15)

3 x 1hr kids workshops, 3 x 1hr teens workshops, Casual 

A collection of simple harmony songs, pop mash ups and fun warm ups to get your voice going and experience the power and joy of singing with others.

Songwriting with Eva

Hello-Satellites-by-Lucy-Spartalis-Web-Ready-62-200x300Separate sessions for kids, teens (max 15)

2 x 1hr kids workshops, 2 x 1hr teens workshops, Casual 


Creating songs is a great way to express yourself. Combining a simple series of exercises this workshop will help you find your creative voice and compose an original song.

This workshop will combine a physical warm up, a vocal warm up, group engagement exercises, some simple improvised group singing,  creative writing exercises and individual writing time. Over a series of two workshops participants will create individual songs (or a group song if working with younger children) that can be shared within the group and possibly at an external event if there is a venue that would be appropriate.

Creative Arts and Craft

Floor Cushions with Katherine

Teens and Adults (max 15)

2hr workshop, One off

Build your own recycled material floor cushion. Collecting from local op shops those soft materials that get thrown away, we can make a stylish sturdy floor cushion that can be made again and again once you’ve got it sorted!

Handsewing with Tjoni or Katherine

11003524433_1600fc46d2_bTeens and adults (max 15)

2 x 1hr workshops, Casual


I grew up with minimal toys which was grand as I spent my spare time sewing and doing other crafty stuff. So many people don’t have the basic knowledge to hem or replace buttons or fix rips, or even fun things like putting cool patches and appliques on clothes! So this is a ‘turn up and tell me what you need’ workshop for all abilities wanting to know how to do that thing with a needle and thread.

Hustle n Bustle upcycle boutique with Tjoni

Creatrix Couture 18-02-14 (108 of 140)Teens and Adults (max 15)

2 x 2hr sessions, casual


Ever wondered what to do with those wonderful skirts of beautiful fabric but dread ful design? Or those belts that are grand but so not in any more? Or the jewellery or endless array of tiny shoulder bags you don’t need but are oh so purty? Turn them into a bustle!!! Tjoni will show you how. Bring your bits and pieces, or we can go on an op shop hunt
prior to class to gather some goodies.

Kiddoodles!!! With Tjoni or Katherine

IMG_1038Kids  (max 15)

Approx 12 x 1hr workshops

Join us for some awesome creative adventures in the craft room!!

Every session you can choose from a variety of cool things to make. Juggling balls, magic tricks, masks, costumes from upcycled materials, handpuppet making, and so much more!

Learn new skills you can take away with you, learning how to magically transform those spare bits and pieces around the home into fantastic creations for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family.

Mask Masking and Games with Anna

Wuthering Masks!Teens  (max 15)

4 x 2 hr sessions, (8 hrs total) sequential


Using clay and paper mache create your own unique mask, then transform it into something new and exciting with colour and decoration. You will then be lead through a number of fun games that will show you how to bring your mask to life!Learn how to make and decorate your own mask and then put it to use in a series of fun games! A 2 hour class.

Moon Dancing Skirt and Veil Creating with Katherine

Teens and Adults, Women only  (max 15)

2 x 2hr workshops, Casual

We will be creating a full wrap around skirt for twirling, dancing and drawing down the moon with a matching veil for a full flowing feel!

The skirt and veil are some ancient tools of adornment that we can create sacred with in our modern times. Using up-cycled techniques of reclaiming materials we will collect and express what it means for us, individually, to wear our womanhood! The veil can also begin as a lovely wrap/tied shirt that as the dance progresses we shed, to open, to let go, to flow. This session of building skirt and veil shall be full of laughter and the deep love of being a woman!

Rehearsal and production time 

with the Bootcamp Crew

03Circus@SpringFireworksKids, Teens, Adults

3  x 2hr session


For participants who have been working on acts for the Australia Day performance, this is your time to come and rehearse, bounce ideas and feedback from each other and facilitators, finish up any costume bits, and get set for an awesome Australia Day Performance!!

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