Blood of my blood.

Only the weak will go hungry when there is nothing to do but wait… wait for the dawn to come and bring us roses born of the heavens like rain.

We will suffer no more in our grief for our hunger dwindles as the light of the moon ignites our path with an inspiration far greater than food or wine or sex or play. It is an inspiration that stirs in your soul, which the futility of your meagre humanness can barely hope to comprehend. Unyet, you can feel it. You can.

We never could as spirits embodied. Not to that depth. Ours was a world of promises laid out long after our death, and yes we were blessed. And cursed. But none so much as those that had laid their souls to rest and rot in the respite of giving up hope, while their forlorn bodies continued to live on. You would scarcely recognise them as a human species if you were to look with your eye beyond eye.

Much has changed in our humanity. Much has changed. And still we linger, still growing, unfolding as you call it. We are living though you now, just as one day you will live through the children of the future. You are a seed that will change the path of our families forever. Stir never a doubt into the pot of hope. You must know this by now. Doubt will only bring more doubt; fear brings more to fear, thankfulness – more to be thankful for.

You are seemingly alone on a Viking ship in a vast and magnificent ocean. The sea knows your name, and nothing else. Her waves will carry you to every corner of the globe. Her waves may make you weep; they will also make you strong and steadfast. Sometimes they will blind you, at others you will be lifted up high above the horizon. If she is too rough you may perish, as it is so if she is too soft. The rains will bring fresh water, too much will flood your boat. The sun will bring warmth and comfort, and cook you if there is too much. The breath of wind will carry you to your destiny, or send you out of control if it is too strong.

And you; must carry in your mind at all times a picture of where you wish to be, so she can carry you there on the great tides of her back. If you do not wish or want for anything, then your rudder is up, and possibly you will bob around until you perish. So make up your mind now what you want to do, and where you want to do it, and let us show you the way. Let her show you the way. And carry you home.


Written by Tjoni Johansen

A message from the Norse ancestors


Copyright 2016 all rights reserved

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