Where are we at

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Creating the process

Recently we created the start of a blueprint with Blue Lotus Dance Studio, founded by Peta Melanie in Byron Bay.


We will be creating several small projects to fine tune the process, which is a combination of ‘Spirit of Business’ dream-work by Tjoni Johansen, ‘Dragon Dreaming Project Management’ by John Croft, (introduced to me by Katherine Cunningham of Living Gently) and various other tools and influences including the conscious business book ‘Myth to Reality’, and some of Seth Godin’s marketing magic.

Right now the most important thing is getting the back end of this website working really well. At the moment it is mainly a blog and information site but with the right platforms it will be a succinct network and project management incubator to inspire, nurture and offer social enterprise based projects.

Investments of time, expertise, finances, content, IT, marketing, ideas, technical skills, real estate, and anything else that can help get this off the ground would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to be involved in any way please get in touch with Tjoni Johansen via email info@eccentrix.com.au


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