What will we do

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What can we create?

in-Spiral will be an incubator that nurtures, generates and promotes collaborative projects generating physical and digital products and services with a focus on creativity, wellness and sustainability.  This could include;

  • Performance art for events that bring soulful intentions, stunning upcycled costumes and heart centred collaborative involvement with clients
  • Collaborative co-creation of short films, documentaries, online digital classes, books, CDs, and art that nurture, educate and empower
  • Festivals bringing together stunning creativity, wonderfully nourishing food and classes, talks and workshop around creativity, wellness and sustainability
  • Creative wellness retreats
  • Stunning Eco-friendly fair trade clothing
  • Earthships
  • Creative workshops for remote communities
  • Online shop of organic food and cosmetic items
  • whatever you can dream up that will enrich our lives and support mumma earth.
Artwork by Katia Honour


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