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Collaboratively generating the dream

In-Spiral is a developing Intentional Business Community creating social enterprise projects around creativity, wellness and sustainability.

Why Collaborate?

The traditional way of getting many projects started is to have a dream, beg, borrow, save or steal the money to fund it, employ and manage the people, do the thing, pay the suppliers and technicians, and hopefully make a profit, or be successful enough that funding bodies will support the next project.

It gives the dreamer full control of the project, (so long as they adhere to conditions laid down by funders and investors) and it works for many people.

inSpiral_PosterCapitalBut I know I’m not the only one feeling the financial system is no longer serving us, is preventing us from creating what we want even though there are plentiful resources to do it, and is actually separating us from the bountiful resources we need!

I’m sensing the way to move forward now is to pool our resources together, so the dreamers and the technicians and the marketers and the suppliers and the clients are all working together to create projects that benefit them all.

I’m not saying ditch money all together, as we need it right now to survive, but lets find a way to generate that isn’t hindered by lack of funds, so we CAN generate profitable businesses TOGETHER that are in service to ALL contributors and to the planet. I want to see us all thrive while we are in a cash based society while it exists, and also to be able to thrive and live and create together if it collapses.

What does Intentional Community mean?

Intentional Communities exist all over the world, as physical spaces where people live and share resources so they can live more comfortably, using less, and more in harmony with the planet.

They might share tools, common spaces, food, gardens, services, and other resources to minimise unnecessary exertion of time energy and stuff! It might be a commune, or an eco village, or several houses tearing down fences and sharing their yards, or a block of flats with a commons approach to the garden.

They vary greatly but the common thread is sharing resources.

Translating that to business as social enterprise

In-Spiral is using these ideas around sharing, collaboration, commons and community to generate business ventures that are created collectively for the service of contributors, the community and the planet.

It means collectively pooling our resources as creatives, wellness workers, sustainability workers, and anyone else interested in collaboration, and making beautiful, abundant projects happen.

inSpiral_PosterTreeStructure of a community

This image came to me a while ago while seeking an easy to diagnose image of the essence of in-Spiral. By looking at the current resources we have and where they fit on the in-Spiral tree, we can see which areas are well sourced and which areas need attention and energy.

Other organisations and systems

There are many organisations already using similar ideas to create and connect products and services

LETS is an online system of exchange that does not involve money, where people can trade goods and services directly with no middle men.

Venus Project is a idea about how we can live in the future, with no need for trade or finance, in an abundant and fertile resource based economy.

Dragon Dreaming is a system of collaborative project creation using a bottom up rather than top down model of business to generate projects in line with each persons highest vision.

Creative Commons is a huge network of people creating online content, ideas, products and platforms that are freely available for the common good.

Patreon is an online platform where creatives can present their work to the public and punters can tip them online to support their work

Social Enterprise is a term used to describe business ventures that are generated to provide employment and education opportunities, to fund charities, assist in social and environmental issues, to better the planet and its inhabitants.

Crowdfunding is a way of connecting directly with potential customers and financial supporters to get your ideas and dreams underway.

And there are many more to draw inspiration and knowledge from.


Mission   *   Goals   *   How will it work   *   Key elements   *   What will we do   *   Where are we at   *   Meet the tribe